Term 4


Hello everybody and welcome back to Term 4! I have a feeling it’s going to be a very busy one. It was lovely to see so many  smiling faces yesterday,  happy to be back at school and ready to learn. 

Our assembly item is this coming Monday. We will be premiering the movies we have been working so, so hard on and would love to see you all there! 

This term in science we will be learning about living things. We are going to be studying the life cycle of mealworm, which should be pretty interesting! Thanks to Ruby and her lovely family we also have some brand new class pets that we will be looking at: 2 hermit crabs! Stay tuned to find out their names. This term in HSIE we will also be looking at wet and dry environments.

Literacy groups for the first couple of weeks of this term will be at the following times. Please feel free to come in and lend a hand. Helpers are always welcome.

Monday: 9:15-10:15

Tuesday: 9:05-10:15

Thursday: 9:45-10:45

Friday: 10:30- 11:30

These times will probably change later in the term, depending on other commitments.

Stay tuned for updates and student work throughout the term!


Miss Fitzpatrick :)


1/2F has loved having the Hermit Crabs in the classroom. But did you know why? Well, here's why! The Hermit Crabs have kept 1/2f really busy. Did you know what the Hermit Crabs names were? They were called Rosie and Harry. Rosie was the big one and Harry was the little one. Did you know that Rosie scared 1/2f because she was shedding her skin and that was lucky for us because we thought she was dead!