Mt Ousley in the News

Last week, various media outlets showed great interest in our school. The interest was largely generated by our school community's decision to implement a 1:1 iPad initiative with all Kindergarten to Year 2 students. ABC TV came and filmed for over half a day, and we also had visits from WIN TV News and the Illawarra Mercury. If you missed any of the action, click on the links below.

WIN TV News (Fri 20 Nov)

Illawarra Mercury (Fri 20 Nov)

ABC TV News (Fri 20 Nov) The story was on the 7pm TV news, but this link takes you to the ABC website.

The local media reported accurately and positively on our iPad initiative, and for that we are grateful. You can make up your own mind about the ABC.

The media attention was an acknowledgement that what our school is doing, is seen by the general public to be innovative and possibly even unique. As with the introduction of 1:1 laptops six years ago at Mt Ousley, what was once viewed as unique is fast becoming mainstream. All things change and they often change quickly. Don't be surprised if in the not too distant future 1:1 iPads in K-2 classrooms become a common sight.

We do what we do, not to draw attention to ourselves, but because we believe in what we do. Providing young children with access to an iPad where and when they need it, for us is simply good educational practice and the most sensible step to take as a school. Children will still learn the basics and still use traditional media in every subject, every day. With the iPads, of course, our students will learn a whole lot more in creative ways that would otherwise be impossible.

So when we're sometimes asked, "Why are you doing this?" our reply is simply, "Why wouldn't we?" This is an opportunity we didn't want to let pass. Other schools will have conversations with their communities when they are ready to do so. For us, the time is now and that's exciting.

Thank you for supporting the iPad initiative. We couldn't possibly do it without the widespread parent support we have.


Congratulations MOPS for continually leading the way with technology in the classroom. Good to see all your hard work being acknowledged! Peter, I agree with your comments regarding the tone of the ABC report. Obviously the reporter and the researcher need to spend a lot more time looking at the kids in the classroom, observing how the iPads/laptops not only enhance learning but encourage respect and responsibility in ones so young. You, the staff, the community and of course, the students know that already. Why would you want to go to school anywhere but MOPS? MOPS is the place to go! Well done!

Hi Peter
Love the new photos of the kids in action on the home page. Looks bright and happy. I do recognise a few of them!

They're gorgeous photos aren't they? I think they tell the story really well of who we are and what we stand for as a school. And besides that, they're just beautiful! A big thank you to Jenny Vello for donating her time to take them. if anyone needs photos!