Animation Wizards!

What a big project!

We have recently completed our Stop Motion animation project that we started way back in Term 3. It began with learning about writing narrative, or storytelling as it is more commonly known.

We wrote a story together as a class, because writing stories using imagination is actaully a lot harder than writing about something that has really happened! We broke into teams and brainstormed ideas. We voted as a class on our favourite ideas and then pieced our story together. Democracy ruled! We worked hard on using intersting and exciting language to improve our story.

Once our story was finished, we made it into a movie. That was even harder than the writing! We had to think hard about our words in the story and come up with images and characters that matched our story. Even the action on screen had to match our story. It was a great experience as students got first-hand experience about the realities of movie making and its relationship to writing.

Through animating, the students got lots of opportunities to problem solve. Using paper backgrounds on table tops let us play all sorts of tricks on our viewers and we got better and more confident with every scene that we shot. We even shot our story out of order, knowing that we could put it all together later.

We used clay modelling for some of our characters, because we needed them to move and bend at times. We practiced making models and then the class chose the best ones to make it into our movie. We learned, practiced and improved our animation skills. We learned to be patient and move our characters in small movements to smooth out the animation.

We mounted our iPad onto a tripod to make it steady while we took the photos, more than 1800 in total! After the animations were made, we had a silent movie. As much fun as that was to watch, the editing process on the computer allowed us to add dramatic sounds and accents to our action to add more to the movie.

We are very proud of what we produced, and were excited to share our movie at the school assembly. Please click the link below to view our movie!

In short, there was a lot of learning packed into this massive project. It was time well spent. From writing, to visualising, to set and character design, to animating, to movie editing and post production. These students got to see a story come to life from their collective imaginations, into written words, and finally into moving pictures. It was difficult, but totally worth it! Enjoy the movie. Attached is the written story that we created, we hope that once you know the story, the movie will make more sense!

Mr Tate



Wow 1/2T! What a lot of work you put into creating such a great movie. You should be really proud of it! We loved watching it yesterday at assembly!

Well done 1/2T. What a great class effort.

Great the hammerhead shark.