Stage 3 Camp at Berry

What an amazing time we had! Mostly because of the amazing group of students that were there. 

We set off for Berry on Wednesday morning. Mr Mercer and I were very impressed by the students who successfully sang about "100 bottles of beer on the wall". They made it all the way to zero and then weren't quiet sure what to do, so they started again. You've got to love their perserverence!

On arrival the students completed a challenge where they found out all the important rules and information they would need for a safe stay at Berry Sport and Rec Camp. They obviously took notice, because it was a successful trip.

Throughout the three days students were involved in canoeing (yes, Mr Mercer was the only one to capsize), a cook-out where they made a fire and cooked damper, archery, the dark maze, a bouldering wall and, of course, the giant swing.  It was awe-inspiring to watch these students face their fears and give everything a go. They are a real credit to their families.

There were night-time activities as well. Who will ever forget Ashton winning the challenge to create a map of Australia by biting out pieces from a slice of bread, or Heath showing his determination to win the challenge for holding up a chair the longest? Cherish's Gangnam Style dance outdid all the rest, as did Ruby's ping-pong ball flicking abilities. Once again, it was wonderful to see everyone get up and have a go, even though some felt very intimidated. The cheers and support of the other students was a great factor in helping everyone overcome their fears and take to the stage.

It was a brilliant camp, one I know that Mr Mercer and I will not forget, and definitely one the students will remember for a very long time. Congratulations to everyone involved.

If you would like to see some photos and videos from the camp, please click on the links below:

Getting to Berry

First Challenge


Wednesday Lunch


Free Time

Wednesday Dinner

Challenge Night

Thursday Breakfast

Cook Out

Giant Swing

Thursday Dinner

Harmony's Birthday

Friday Breakfast

Feeding the Chooks

Dark Maze

Bouldering Wall


Year 5 Class


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