Getting the Balance Right

Some weeks are busier than others …

Last week at MOPS there was certainly no shortage of learning opportunities to inspire and extend students. A quick check of the timetable revealed the following activities occurred at some time during the week.

A book fair was held in the library.

Aunty Shas, a local Aboriginal elder, worked with classes across the school sharing culture and stories.

One of our teachers, also a children’s book author, worked with classes on storytelling, as part of a whole school writing focus.

A sculpture exhibition was held, to celebrate sea sculptures that each class had made to raise awareness of the impact of rubbish on marine animals.

Obstacool, an outside provider, transformed our playground into an obstacle course for a day of fun and fitness.

Sports sessions from another provider were integrated with team building and collaborative skills, as part of our wellbeing focus.

Many students were involved in wellbeing groups with various focuses: friendships, leadership, play, anxiety and trauma.

Band, with a range of students K-6, rehearsed for the upcoming combined schools instrumental festival.

A sports gala day was held with other local schools.

We welcomed our 2017 cohort of Kindergarten students and their families to the second of three Kinder Orientation sessions.

What a week! It’s satisfying to know that the serious world of bureaucracy, external expectations and priorities hasn’t been able to hinder our desire to make school a fun and passion filled place for kids. We’re still able to balance our very clear focuses of literacy and numeracy with so much more. That’s the way school ought to be!

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