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MOPS Rocketry Club - MOPS Mission 1

Summary  -  Well MOPS Mission 1 was a great success with all students successfully building and launching an Astra or Alpha 1 model rocket with an A engine that took the rocket well over 100m high. All but one were recovered despite some parachute mishaps! It has been a real delight to work with the 5/6 students and their enthusiasm and effort in attending this after school enrichment project.The students love the hands-on design and make of these science based activities and are truly engaged and focused in the task at hand.


Term 4 Week 1 Update

Home Reader Working Bee Week 10 Thursday 20th Sept.

Hello all,

We have been fortunate to be able to purchase a large number of new home readers to support our K-2 home reading program. These books need to be covered prior to going into use in Term 4 and there is a working bee on Thursday 20th of Week 10 to do this. If any parents can come in and help from 11.30 in the old assembly room it would be greatly appreciated.

Please tell me or send in a note if you can make it.


Neil Bramsen


MOPS Rocketry Club - MOPS Mission 1

Last week we commenced our first rocketry club session for year 5/6 students. It was pleasing to see twelve eager space scientists attend as we had an overview and began looking at the history of rocketry, space exploration and many of Newton's Laws of Physics.

Work was begun on the unique mission patches that will represent the first MOPS rocket club and its members. We demonstrated a simple pop rocket using vinegar and alka seltzer and the curious minds quickly realised that too much vinegar resulted in a poor flight!

MOPSBOTS Robotics Skype

The Research Group Robotics Groups, now known as the MOPSBOTS had a successful Skype video conference with the robotics team and their teacher Kaci Heins from Northand Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff, Arizona on Wednesday. I'd like to to thank the full group for making it to the 8.30am Skype which was 3.30pm in the USA. Our teams talked to each other about respective locations including climate, geography, school uniforms and the like. We also showed some basic robots that we had built and begun to test in the week prior.


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