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K/1B Assembly Item Movie

Here is a link to the movie from our assembly item in week 5.


Lego Mindstorm NXT Robotics

Lego Mindstorms NXT

Term 4 Week 5 Update

K/1B Term 4 Week 4

We hope you enjoy the class assembly item this week and the video will be on Smugmug after the event! Remeber to join us in the hall on Monday at 2.20pm.

The class is looking forward to Kite Day at Stanwell Park on Wednesday. Last week each student decorated and made a a diamond kite which they can fly on the day and then take home.  Payment is due so please get the bus money in ASAP.

K/1B Term 4 Week 3

This week we say goodbye to Shelley Zipparo who has had a five week practical on the class. Shelley has been a great asset and has developed a great rapport with all of the students. The class have especially enjoyed their science and watching seeds develop into plants. We all wish Shelley well with future studies.

Remember that out class item will be during the week 5 assembly so please join us at 2.20pm if you can.

K-2 Home Readers - More help needed!

Thanks to those parents that have been able to assist in covering the new readers. We still have many more to cover so if you can lend a hand just drop in and you'll be given books, contact, scissors and a smile. The sooner all books are covered the sooner they will be going home with your child. I've had some very positive feedback about the topics, content and quality of the new books and all K-2 teachers look forward to sending the readers home as required.


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