Scientists in Schools (SiS) Partnerships

Earlier this term MOPS joined the Scientists in Schools program that encourages working scientists to partner with schools and provide long term mentoring and support through presentations, visits and projects.

We are fortunate to have been teamed up with two scientists keen to work with primary students.

Firstly Dr Ali Haydar Goktogan is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) at Sydney University. I recently Skyped with Ali and we explored how we might work together to enhance learning opportunities for our students studying robotics and use the 5Es to explore, engage etc. We were both enthusiastic about the partnership and we have arranged (for 2013 robotics students) a school visit from Ali to demonstrate some robotics models, a field trip to ACFR and also a visit to the Powerhouse Museum to use the Pathways to Space – Mars Simulation Robotics that Ali helped build. 

Secondly we have just been partnered with Dr Martina Sanderson-Smith, a lecturer and research fellow with biology interests from the Univerity of Wollongong. Stay tuned for more info!