Research Group Wrap and Presentation Session Fri 14 Dec.

Next Friday 14 Dec between 1:00 and 1:50 in the old hall, parents are welcome to join us as we share our learning -  rockets, space and robotics. 

Our Lego buddies at Northland Prep. in Arizona recently came second in their regonal competition and are off to the State titles this weekend. We hope to Skype this week and the students will share with us their winning programming and building tips. It's great to be able to share across the globe-- classrooms are losing the boundaries of walls as technology and sharing enable collaborations across the globe!

Marlena has written a review of the year below;

In Research Group this year we have made, flown, and then remade and again flown bottle rockets, requested spots of the moon to be taken for us, and done a number of challenges with robots in LEGO Mindstorms.
With the bottle rockets, we were put into pairs and in our pairs made rockets using bottles, cardboard, and playdough to put inside the nose cone. We had to design some fins (how many was up to us) and the nose cone out of cardboard, and had to design a team logo with our partner and stick it onto our rocket. We chose the amount of water we wanted to put into them and then we flew them. From how well they flew on our first try we rebuilt them, chose a new amount of water to put in them, and flew them a second time.
GRAIL MoonKAM is a program for kids to request coordinates of the moon and to cameras orbiting the moon take photos of those requested coordinates. I requested a few photos but only one came out.
LEGO Mindstorms has been the most challenging thing we have done this year to me. We build robots with LEGO pieces and plug them into our computer where we program them. We have used sensors too. With the light sensor the robot can tell the difference between a white and black line. They can then follow one of those coloured lines. With touch sensors when the robot touches something with the touch sensor it can do something if you have programed it to. I have enjoyed being a part of Research Group in 2012.    Marlena