Research Group Presentation Fri 14 Dec. -Project Based Learning

Research group came to a hands-on end for the year with a sharing session for parents, staff and fellow students. Based on activities completed throughout the year students presented on the Ebb and Flow satellites from GRAIL MoonKAM, water bottle rocketry and LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robotics. Students also completed exit interviews and robotics was certainly identified as a rewarding and challenging area, especially the programming required to complete tasks. We also Skyped and shared with Northland Prep. Academy in Flagstaff, Arizona who competed in the First Lego League with a terrific result and made to the State finals. We hope to continue sharing in 2013!


PBL -Project Based Learning such as that used with robotics encourages students to identify a challenge and pose questions that guide both the building of the robot and its programming. Teamwork is essential along with the continual testing and re-testing of designs and programs. Students are engaged in maths, science, literacy and engineering and use many higher order thinking skills.   Check out the images here!

Great learning and great fun!