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Welcome to 2016

Well, school is IN!

Welcome back to MOPS for 2016. I would also like to welcome a few new families to our school, and our little class!

The students have settled back into class really well. Lots of new and shiny iPads are coming into the room, and the students are really excited to be using their machines day to day!

Animation Wizards!

What a big project!

We have recently completed our Stop Motion animation project that we started way back in Term 3. It began with learning about writing narrative, or storytelling as it is more commonly known.

Teaching in new times

We are excited about our future here at MOPS, and in 1-2T.

Next week, we are formally asking our school community to deepen its commitment to embedding technology deeper into school life by taking the K-2 school into a 1:1 iPad environment. We are currently 1:2 with iPads, but crucially, these iPads are school owned and do not go home with the students.

Gymnastics Fun + Term 3 update

1-2T has been having fun over the last few weeks using our newly purchased Gymnastics equipment!

We have been hanging on monkey bars, rolling on mats, climbing up onto a soft vault and practicing safe landing techniques onto the crash mats.

Learning Spaces Update

Just a quick update regarding our recent post about our classroom learning spaces.

After 'pitching' our ideas to Mr Holmes, he agreed with us and gave us the green light! As a result, the order was placed and last week our new pieces arrived into the school. We have quickly put them into place in our room and straight into good use.

They are loving being able to manipulate 'the pod' to suit their needs, and I am enjoying being able to work with the kids at our new engine room.

Feel free to come into the room and check out our new spaces!


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