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What's Happening in Week 4!

Earthworms and snails and grubs - oh my! Our weeks are getting busier and more exciting with each passing day. Have a look at what we've been up to this week!




Year 1/2H are Blogging Up a Storm!

That's right - every child in 1/2H now has their very own blog! You can see all of the blogs by clicking through hereSo far this week, we've learnt how to use blog, introduced ourselves to everyone else in the class, and we've even commented on each other's work. It was a bit tricky at first, but we're getting better and better at blogging and writing every single day. Plus, it is so much fun!

Our Year Begins!

We've had an amazing first week in our class and have enjoyed getting started with new routines and activities. We have created our classroom rules, written some great stories,completed a fantastic piece of art, used the iPads to record some video footage, started earning points in Class Dojo, posted 3 tweets on our new Twitter account and have even been media stars when WIN TV visited us on Friday afternoon. Not bad for 3 days, is it? If any parent would like to follow us on Twitter, we are @ClassPencil. Can you work out why we are called Class Pencil?


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