Welcome Back 1/2H!

Final term of the year already!

Time has absolutely flown over the past several months - and it certainly looks as though we're in for yet another busy term! Here's a few of the things that will be happing over the next 11 weeks...

In the classroom:
A new term means brand new learning in our science and HSIE key learning areas! In science, students are going to continue learning about change - but this time, the focus will be on the chemical changes they can bring about in various materials. Students will be using food to examine how heating and cooling can change an object's properties, as well as whether or not it is possible to reverse that change. Alternatively, in HSIE, the theme is "Workers in the Community". We'll be exploring the roles and responsibilities of all of the incredibly important people who help make our world a better, brighter place.

In the school:
Lots of exciting opportunities!

  • Week 2: School swimming scheme begins! The program will run every afternoon for two weeks.
  • Week 3: Mrs Hamers returns!
  • Week 4: Count us in Too will be on Thursday at 12:30pm. This means that every child in every school across Australia will be singing the exact same song at the exact same time! This year, the song will be "Let Me Paint You a Song". It's going to be so much fun to perform!
  • Week 10: Presentation Day will be on.
  • Week 11: The Twilight Concert! The theme this year is all about Lego... and we're pretty sure that "Everything is Awesome".

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From Miss Brule, Mrs Hamers and Miss Speed


HI its Mia, Today we started our new science topic. Miss Brule got one iceblock that was frozen and one that was not frozen. The frozen one was green and the unfrozen one was blue.