A new term begins!

Welcome back everyone!

The first week of a new term is over and already things are getting busy! This term is the shortest one of the year, so we will certainly be cramming as much as we can into the next few weeks. 

We have made a few changes to the look of our classroom, with the creation of a reading corner. The students are really enjoying the new space - it's amazing what moving some tables and bookshelves can do! We have added in some cushions, a mat and organised our classroom books into topics - fiction, non-fiction, animal stories, special seasonal stories, chapter books and finally our own creations, where we have taken pieces of work and turned them into a group book. It has been wonderful to see a renewed enthusiasm for silent reading time and we are very proud of the way the students are keeping the reading corner tidy.

During week 1, we had a focus on Anzac Day, due to our school service being held on Wednesday. As a group, we shared 2 different texts and discussed how soldiers and their families might feel. We created message for a class wreath that became part of the Anzac service and made poppies to wear. We made "Respect" our word of the day and thought of ways that we can show respect in our lives. Last but not least, we each created a tricky piece of artwork, called "P is for Poppy". This artwork used newspaper, art paper, paint, paper towel, stickers and lettering. It took AGES, but we're proud of the results! (Pop into the classroom and have a look at our back wall to see them on display.)

We also began watching presentations that we created during Genius Time in term 1. Held on a Friday, we spent 30-40 minutes with a year 5 buddy, researching topics of interest and answering "Wonder Questions". Genius Time involved book and internet research. Students were developing many skills, with collaboration and perseverence just as important as finding the answers to their original questions. With the help of their buddy, each student created a Keynote presentation, which we will watch over the next week or two. There will also be a Genius Time movie uploaded on the class page shortly. This term, Genius Time will involve creative challenges of a more hands-on nature.

We have new topics in both HSIE and Science this term and we are developing our multiplication skills in Maths. We have 4 new iPads too, allowing us to work 1:2 in technology activities. In week 1, we began creating some presentations to show our understanding of ordinal numbers. There will be lots of movies and photos to view soon - watch this space!

Finally, we are collecting enrichment group notes, Mother's Day raffle ticket money and money & notes for a special 4 week athletics skills program to begin on Monday. If you are yet to return any of these, please do so as soon as possible.

What a busy time is ahead of us!