Developing our creative thinking

Hi everyone,

This term, we will be working on thinking creatively. In our Genius Time for the last few weeks, we have been completing group challenges. In our most recent challenge, we were trying to build a house out of cards. We looked at different ways that the houses could be built and then tried to build our own. We found out that it was harder than it looked! We posted some photos onto our Twitter account:  

(In fact, did you know that our Twitter page is updated nearly every day? There are lots and lots of photos, movies and comments available for you to view. If you haven't seen our Twitter page before, why not go to:

Next, we are moving onto individual challenges. In homework this week, students have been asked to think of a topic that they would like to share with the class. It might be a topic that they already know a little bit about, or it could be something that is unknown to them. Ideally it needs to be something that they will need to research at least a little bit. The questions we have asked are: 

1. What is your topic going to be?

2. What would you like to find out?

3. What made you pick this topic?

We will use these answers to organise some resources to help with the research. Students will present their individual projects later in the term.