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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

Nan Tien Temple Excursion

Here are some photos from our great day at the Nan Tien Temple.

Book Week 2012

It's Book Week!  The theme for 2012 is Champions Read and we sure have a lot of champions here at Mt Ousley.  Take a look at our book character parade.

National Science Week Activities

Well we had a real blast on Thursday as students in all classes undertook a range of science activities and investigations as a part of National Science Week.

On walking around the school students could be seen building volcanoes, making smog, conducting density investigations, exploring wind power, making balloon rockets and designing and building bridges.

Mr Bramsen - Honeywell Advanced Educators@Space Academy

Well I have just returned from an amazing, stimulating and highly rewarding experience at the Honeywell Advanced Educators @Space Academyat the US Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hotshots Tennis

During Term 1, Year 4/5 has been attending Hotshots Tennis on a Friday at 12.30pm. These sessions, run over a half an hour time period, aim at improving students’ tennis skills and their abilities to work together in team situations. We would like to commend students for all their efforts over the last few weeks and hope they will continue to enjoy their time at tennis throughout the rest of Term 1. A big thank you to Jamie for his efforts at running the program - it has been very rewarding for all the students in Year 4/5.


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