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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

International Space Station Link

Can you believe it?  14 students from Mt Ousley spoke directly to Commander Kevin Ford on the International Space Station, as it was orbiting about 400km above Italy.  Have a listen to the audio recording of the live contact.  Amazing!

The Illawarra Mercury was at the event and they published a story with photos.  Check out their gallery.

Rugby Union fun for Stage 3

Last week students in Stage 3 were fortunate to be visited by Sean Barrett who put them through their paces by teaching them some great Union skills. Everyone got involved and had a great time, which you can see in the photos here. Shirts were dirty, shorts were ripped and the smiles went from ear to ear. 

Great School Show-off Competition

Our school entered a statewide competition to "show-off" what we're all about.  Have a look!

Visit to the Promethean Mobile Classroom

Last week we were visited by the Promethean Mobile Classroom (or 'The Big Orange Bus' as the students called it). We were able to see, and play with, the very latest interactive technologies in action. Students really liked the individual "clickers" they were able to use to input their answers to different questions. It's so exciting to see them all excited about their learning! You can see some photos from our visit here.

Let's Go Fly A Kite

What a wonderful time we had at Kite Day! The students were excited to get the opportunity to learn about Lawrence Hargrave and see the planes as they flew overhead. Flying their own kites was a lot of fun - most kites made it back to school in one (or two, or three) pieces and the smiles on the faces of the students made it clear that it was an enjoyable day for everyone. You can see some pictures from Kite Day here.  


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