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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

Stage 3 Camp at Berry

If you'd like to read a report and see photos from our Stage 3 camp at Berry Sport and Recreation Centre, just click the link below:

Stage 3 Camp at Berry


Rugby @ MOPS

 Our rugby team recently compe

Soccer Knockout v FMDS

It was the perfect day for a soccer showdown. The sun was shining, the students were excited and everyone had shinpads! Our Senior Boys soccer team took to the field at 12:15pm and started the game strongly, earning the first corner. It wasn't long before Fairy Meadow scored, but we quickly evened it up. The game was hard and all the boys played amazingly well. Close to full-time we were all on tenterhooks as the score was 2-2 and no-one could remember who won if it was a draw.

Keirabald Portrait Competition

Congratulations to all the students whose artworks were selected for entry into the Keirabald Portrait Competition. Opening Night was last Thursday and it was wonderful to see the MOPS works of art hung around the walls of the Wollongong Youth Centre. The standard of artworks was amazingly high. You can see some photos from Opening Night here.

AFL - Paul Kelly Cup

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright - perfect weather for a day of AFL. Mrs Johnson, Mrs Lieschke, Year 5 and Year 6 set off for Dalton Park, serenading the bus driver as they went. 


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