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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

Tournament of Minds

Seven very creative MOPS students travelled to Nowra on Sunday 25th August to compete in the annual NSW Tournament of Minds. Molly, Riley, Aidan, Taya, Mathew, Maggie and Louis had been working on a challenge for the past six weeks and were ready to present their solution. Over the six week preparation period, these students had written a script, organised props, and rehearsed so that they were ready to give a grand performance.

The Results Are In

Well, the results are definitely in - we have some very grubby hands in Stage 3! Martina made a return visit last week, bringing the agar plates with her. Inside there were many, many exciting things to count. 

Marvellous Microbiology

Stage 3 had a fantastic time on Tuesday! They got to work with Dr Martina Sanderson-Smith, a scientist from UOW, swabbing themselves for germs - could a day get any better?

Students were placed into groups of four and were given a variety of materials to make bacteria with (not real bacteria - they used pipe cleaners, toothpicks, foam spheres and foam rectangular prisms). Then it was time for the real fun to begin: each student had their hand swabbed under different conditions to see how much bacteria was present:

Education Week 2013

The theme for Education Week 2013 is "Celebrating Our Stories".  Hear from the Mt Ousley staff about what's really special to them.  This is our story ... what's yours?

Go Gold Day

On the last day of term, we needed something to brighten up a week of solid rain so everyone was encouraged to dress in green and gold to support the Wallabies.  If the Go Gold Day doesn't help to get our national team over the line, what will?  Thanks for supporting Australian rugby Mt Ousley!


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