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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

Rugby Gala Day 2014

Our 1st XV travelled to Nowra to compete in a statewide rugby knockout competition. We tried hard all day but the opposition was just too good. For most of the boys this was their first taste of rugby. Still, everyone went home satisfied with the team's performance. We competed against teams from around the south coast of NSW and learnt a great deal from the experience. Most importantly, everyone learnt that rugby is all about having fun, supporting one another and being respectful to your opponents.

The Walking Bus!

What better way to celebrate Walk Safely to School Day than with pikelets, muffins, fruit and a morning walk around Mount Ousley! At 8:15am, the MOPS Walking Bus headed off on its inaugural journey, ending in a delicious healthy breakfast at the school gates. Thank you to all of the kids and parents who joined us for the event! We had over 50 children participate, which was an amazing result for our very first Walking Bus. (A special thank you to the families who don't live in area, but still drove to the start of the trail just to participate!) If you'd like to see some photos of the journey, click through here

UN Peace Ambassador

Natalie N, one of our students, has been selected to represent the Oceania region as a peace ambassador at the United Nations in New York City in March. WIN News ran this story on Natalie's achievement.

We're all so proud and wish Natalie and her family all the best for their upcoming adventure. What an opportunity!

Click here to see the news story on WIN TV.

Natalie - Child Peace Ambassador

During September, students in Year 5  joined up to a website called "Friend Our World". There were lots of games on the website and the students had a great time playing them. They weren't just for fun, though. Every game taught the students about other countries and cultures around the world. They played against students from all over the world, developing their knowledge of geography, languages and global citizenship.  


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