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Special Events | Mount Ousley Public School

Special Events

Outdoor Classroom Day

The very first Outdoor Classroom Day was recently celebrated around the world and we were part of the fun. All classes enjoyed part of their day learning outside; some in our new specially designed outdoor learning area and others out on the grass. There were groups of children reading, writing stories, measuring, learning number skills, collaborating on STEM problems and making music.

Click here to view a gallery of photos.

Book Week 2017

Book Week 2017 was a lot of fun! The theme this year was "Escape to Everywhere" and a huge, creative effort was put into the costumes which everyone wore. The staff came dressed as characters from Harry Potter and wove some real magic into the day's literature based activities. Children came dressed as their favourite book characters and the school was awash with proud, beaming faces (parents as well as kids).

Click here to view our photo gallery.

Education Week 2017

We celebrated Education Week with an Open Day where families engaged in activities focused on learning from Country. Families sat together around the school, talking and drawing about family histories, making shelters from natural products, and a whole lot more. Click here to view a slideshow of some of the highlights.

Businesses That Supported Our School Fete

A huge thankyou to each of the businesses that supported our school fete earlier in the year. We appreciate the support!

Click here to view all of the businesses.

Open Day 2015

What a brilliant day and a wonderful way to celebrate Education Week. Open Day 2015 saw a huge crowd of parents and grandparents visit our school. Each student from Kindergarten to Year 6 showcased something of significance in their learning, at first to other students and then to our visitors. The school was awash with happy faces; children talking passionately about learning and parents enjoying their time at school.

Outside, the barbecue offered up sausage sandwiches, before the cupcake stall and guessing competition sprang into action.


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