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MOPS Legends, Episode 4

The MOPS Legends are back with Episode 4. Tien, Yadin, Rupert and Flynn conduct interviews on our new Peer Support program, the school athletics carnival and Southern Stars. Keep up to date with what's happening at our school and watch the Legends' short news video. Click here to view it.

456S Class Project

The 4/5/6S class has been learning about the huge volume of waste our society produces. They presented a class item at this week's assembly to share their understandings and to inspire action which reduces waste. 

Click here to watch their video.

Things You Should Know About Canada!

The kids in 3/4S are superstar actors in the making! Wait 'til you see them pointing out the differences between Australian and Canadian ways of doing things and speaking. You'll be entertained, informed and impressed! Click here to watch their video.

MOPS Pros, Episode 3

The MOPS Pros are back for the final episode of Term 2. Nick, Jemimah, Mal and Mandela have put together a sports special for you to enjoy. Click here to watch their video.

MOPS Legends, Episode 3

The MOPS Legends are back with their third episode, featuring stories on the Keirabald portrait competition, the inter-school bottle rocket competition and the district cross country. Let Rupert, Tien, Yadin and Flynn entertain and inform you! Click here to watch their latest video.


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