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Our first iPad comic!

Our iPads have been in the library for a few weeks now. The students who have been visiting at lunch time have been enjoying using them. We set a 5 minute time limit, so that we share them fairly. 

Recently, Ryan in year 4 used his 5 minutes to create a comic about the library. We think it's great! 

iPads in the library!

A big thank you to everyone who supported the recent Book Fair. Because of your generosity, we sold almost $1500 worth of books and stationery items. That entitled us to $100 of books for the library, plus a cash commission. After adding this money to the leftover funds from last year's Christmas book fair, we had enough to  buy 2 brand new iPad minis, that will be used exclusively in the library! Isn't that exciting?

Curious Creative Minds

Would you like to know what is being studied in our MOPS library? If you do, you might like to visit the new library website, called "Curious Creative Minds". I have designed this site specifically for the library program here at MOPS. It contains information about all the stories and projects that each class is working on. There are links for both students and teachers to follow, along with some basic information about library borrowing.

Exciting News

Hello everyone,

A bit of exciting news from the end of term 1 ...

"Lone Pine", the book that I co-authored, was selected as a Notable Picture Book for this year's Book Week awards. This means that out of all the picture books nominated, we were in a group of the top 17. From these Notable books, the judges then selected 6 books as the Short Listed titles for 2013. Unfortunately, we weren't short listed, but I was still thrilled that our book was rated as 'Notable'! 

Latest Library News

Our library lunchtime program is going well and it's great to see some "regulars" come into the library whenever it's open. If you haven't visited the library yet, why not come in and create some art, read a book, play a game of chess or try a board game? Thanks too to the keen students who are learning how to be library monitors - you are a great help!

The March issue of book club was handed out in library lessons last week. The due date for orders is Friday 22nd March. If you missed out on getting book club forms and would like some, please come and see me.



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