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Tweet Tweet!

The MOPS library has entered the twitterverse. Just search for @MopsBooks and have a look at our first messages and pictures. If you'd like to follow us, we'll try and post lots of interesting photos and comments throughout the year. To start with, you can check on the progress of our dinosaur egg! 

Reading Journals

Stages 2 and 3 are keeping reading journals this year. Each week, they record their responses to a chapter from the novel that is being read to them. Stage 2 are listening to "The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic" by Jennifer Trafton, while stage 3 are listening to "Boss of the Pool" by Robin Klein. Have a read of some of their responses so far. 

Persimmony was frightened and scared in the forest. The big deep hole that she was in was horrible. She can’t hear anyone behind her. Will

Welcome to 2015!

Hello and welcome to the library blog for 2015!

All classes have begun their library lessons and borrowing has commenced for the year . K-2 students can borrow up to 2 books each week, while years 3-6 can borrow up to 4 books. A library bag is essential, to protect the books against accidental spills from drink bottles, lunch boxes and pencil cases. All primary classes have their lessons on Monday. Junior classes have their lessons on Tuesday, apart from 1/2F, who come to the library on Wednesday. 

Book Fairs and Renovations

Hello everyone,

If you have walked into the library lately, you will have seen a BIG difference! Thanks to the ongoing fundraising efforts of our fabulous P & C, we are beginning to give our library a new 21st century look. This has begun with some pinboard wall coverings and the rearrangement of some furniture. Already, the library looks bigger and more "up-to-date". But this is just the beginning, with some more improvements planned. I'll put up some before and after photos soon (once I've recharged the library iPad minis!) 

Our library program has begun!

All classes have now visited the library and our borrowing program has begun. All new Kindergarten and stage 1 students who didn't have their own library bag have been given one, but a number of students from other classes forgot their bags this week. A library bag is essential for borrowing, as it protects the books from their natural enemies - lunch boxes, drink bottles and pencil cases! I thought I'd remind everyone of their library times, so that the bag can be put out ready on the appropriate day.  All classes 3-6 visit the library on Monday.


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