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Holiday time - happy reading!

What a busy term it's been in the library! Between borrowing, starting the Premier's Reading Challenge, class novels, reading journals, library folders and research questions, we've done some great stuff. Our dinosaur Spike is happily making a home for himself (although he does need a bigger container to live in now) and our new furniture and blinds have made the library look amazing too. There is still more to come, which is very exciting.

Makeovers, Monitors, Puzzles and Book Club

There have been some amazing developments in the library over the past couple of weeks. We now have some re-upholstered reading benches and brand new blinds. Best of all, the special pieces of furniture chosen by the students last year were delivered on Monday. The students are already enjoying using the 6 pieces of modular furniture very much. There are still more changes to come over the coming months and it's wonderful to see a modern looking library starting to take shape. Special thanks must go to our supportive P & C for helping to raise the funds needed. 

Looking After the Library

Everyone is welcome in the library, but please remember to look after all the equipment and furniture while you are visiting. We have had a few incidents recently, where our foam mat and reading boxes have been damaged. Please make sure that you are treating everything appropriately. Thanks!

Reading Journals update

It's time for some more reading journals, courtesy of the guest bloggers in stages 2 and 3. Let's see what has been happening in the novels over the past couple of weeks.



The mountain moves and King Lucas’ soup moves to the other side of the table when he’s about to take a spoonful.

King Lucas has just got a letter from the Leaf Eaters that describes what such bad things in life he is doing.

February Library News

Hi everyone,


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