A new year, a new look library!

Hello and welcome to the library blog for 2016! This year, I am beginning my 25th year of teaching, as well as my 10th year working in the library. It certainly doesn't seem like that much time has passed! I am very fortunate to have seen so many students graduate from MOPS in my time here (even some of our current parents and staff!) and am looking forward to another creative year working with the students of 2016.

If you visit our library this week, you'll notice that there are lots of changes happening. It's a bit chaotic at the moment, as we prepare for a whole new look. The whole back wall is being given an update, with colourful new bookcases and (soon) a paint job. My thanks to Penny Higgins, Savanna Brule and Laura Shorter for all their help so far! We also have new desks, with some more furniture coming shortly. However, it does mean that a large part of our collection is currently stacked on tables while we finish the renovation, so I'm asking for all the students to be careful as they move around the library - we don't want an avalanche!

The library is open every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch and for the month of February, I am running a logo competition. I would love to have a logo that I can use on our library Twitter page (@MopsBooks) and on other library products. Closing date for entries is Friday 26th February. Entries can be completed in the library, or at home. We also have a variety of colouring in stencils, board games, puzzles and blocks for anyone who feels like being creative - and plenty of books if you just want to settle down on the couch and read.

I have asked students in stage 3 (years 5 and 6) to consider whether they would be interested in being library monitors this year. This would require a commitment of one lunch time each week, helping with various library tasks, including shelving, borrowing and running lunch activities. Thank you to the students who have already indicated their interest. We will have a meeting during this coming week to discuss your role - I'm open to any suggestions you may have. 

We also have some new books to add to our collection. If any parents might be available on either a Monday or Tuesday afternoon after 2pm to help contact and cover these, I'd be very grateful. (I'll even provide the chocolate biscuits!) Just let me know.

I'm excited about the library this year - and can't wait to unveil its colourful new look! 


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