Getting Creative!

This is an exciting term in the library, because it's Book Week term! The theme for Book Week this year is "Books light up our world." I can't wait to discover which books light up the worlds of the students - and the teachers too! Keep an eye out here on the blog (and also on our Twitter page @mopsbooks) for upcoming Book Week posts.

In the meantime, I'm proud to showcase some wonderful work from the students that was completed last term. Stage 3 spent the term working on creative response tasks, either about a favourite book, or about the library itself. Check out two wonderful advertisements for our library here and here, as well as two book trailers here and here. Some of our year 6 students also looked at the library from a different angle, taking some perspective photographs that can be viewed here.

Did you know that books can teach us something, make us feel something, or make us think about something? Just ask the students in 1/2F, 1/2R and 1/2T, who did a fabulous job throughout term 2 finding the messages in lots of books. Their film isn't quite ready yet, but I will upload it shortly.

Finally, it looks like Spike the dinosaur is planning something interesting. Head over to our Twitter page to see an announcement from our library mascot! 

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