The Changing Face of Education

The world around us is constantly changing, so why wouldn’t education keep changing too? For a long while, education in fact didn’t change a great deal, but now, that’s all different.

Until recently, many of the established norms within the schooling system were at odds with what was occurring in the real world. For example, technology in schools was largely seen as something that should be kept quite separate from our core business of teaching children to read, write and be numerate.

Student Led Conferences

Have you heard the exciting news? Student led conferences will supplement the mid year reports at MOPS this year. But what does that mean?

Come Monday Week 9 (20th June), parents will be invited into 1/2F and will be guided through a teaching and learning conference by their child, with support from myself. This will provide an opportunity for rich, meaningful discussion with your child about their learning, as student will show parents:

    - What they have been learning and why,

    - What they value and think is important at school,

Week 4 in Our Classroom


Are you nice or nasty? Well the kids have worked out which character trait will help them win a maths dice game. Ask them how to play at home. It helps with their understanding of place value. We'll be learning a few more games this week to help with our subtraction skills. Maybe you could play a couple of them over the weekend. It is amazing what you can learn and practise with a couple of dice. 

3/4B Term 2 Week 3

Hi everyone

This week is busy with NAPLAN testing for year 3 while year 4 are working on design challenges with Sphero robots during that time. Homework for the term will go out this week and as ever I'd encourage evening reading and tables practise.

Term 2 is Here!

Hi everyone,

This year is absolutely flying by! Another term is here and there are lots of things coming up in the weeks ahead. Here's what to expect out of Term 2:


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